The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Lawrence Ezemonye has received a delegation of the Alumni Association of Igbinedion University Okada in his office.The leadership of the Alumni body was on a courtesy visit to the immediate Vice-Chancellor of the existence, structure and challenges being faced by the body which was inaugurated in 2014.

Members of the Alumni Executive that attended the meeting are Mr. Charles Akarola (President), Hon. Uzochukwu Kelvin (Vice-President), Godfrey Williams-Chukwu (Member), and Mr. Daniel Igbinedion (Alumni Relations Officer).

In his address to the Vice-Chancellor, the President of the association, Mr. Charles Akarola expressed the desire of members of the Forum to make contributions as a way of giving back to their alma-mata. He noted that many products of the University are excelling in various fields around the globe and that it is only appropriate for them to give back to the system that gave them the platform to be a graduate.

Mr. Akarola however expressed regrets that the environment of the school is no longer as it used to be. He complained about the environment and the hostel facilities as one area of great concern to the Forum.

He also dwelled on the difficulty of processing transcript by graduates of the University, a situation that has made many people forfeit admissions, loose monies and denied opportunity. He observed that this maybe on of the critical factor that is making IUO alumni not to be excited about the school. He said Alumni are indeed unhappy with their school.

Mr. Akarola further raised the issue of Alumni levy noting that it is high time that the school relinquish the fund regenerated for Alumni Dues to the Alumni Association for the Association so that the Association can use such fund to the Alumni as seed fund to raise bigger capital for meaningful projects.

Responding, The Vice-Chancellor emphasized the importance of Alumni Association to the continued survival of any Institution. He cited an example of the University of Benin where Alumni’s have chapters up to facility level and has grown so powerful to the point that it determines who emerges as Deans, DVC, and HODs in the University. He therefore encouraged the Executives not to rest on their oars but assured them of prompt support and attention at all times.

The Vice-Chancellor also responded to the issue of funds stating that while the management will look into the issue of alumni dues, it is pertinent to note that external sourcing of funds is the way to go. He suggested zonal reunion programs for the association. He even suggested UK reunion, USA reunion etc.

On the issue of environment, the VC assures the executives that the environment is the key to his agenda and that in not far distant time, the environment and hostel will a facelift

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