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A distinguished scholar and Prof. of Physiology Prof. Anthony Ebeigbe Ph.D has lamented the dearth of integrity in Scholarly research in the country and Africa in general. Prof. Ebeigbe was speaking at the one-workshop on ethic in research on animal laboratory held under the unspins of the directorate laboratory of animal management.

The event which held under the chairmanship of the Vice Chancellor Professor Lawrence Ikechukwu Ezemonye was well attended by staff and student from the College of Pharmacy, NAS and Basic Med. Science which usually use animals for research. Prof. Ebeigbe criticized the operations of fake journal houses which he described as Predatory journals who scheme researchers off their money and lack depth, originality and ethics. He warned researchers to abstain from such journals and gave hints on how to identify such, which includes absence of sources and original address among others.

He admonished researchers to refrain from fabrication and falsification of research, data, result and procedure. He said the ultimate requirement for anyone to become a successful researcher is to have and maintain integrity.

Also speaking at the workshop, Prof. Idowu Cadmus Ph.D from the University of Ibadan. Prof. Cadmus strongly advocated for veterinary doctors to manage animal house. He said this is critical to maintain the health and wellbeing of the animals being used for research for maximum benefit and data correctness. He further laid out basic ethics in the handling and management of animals to be used for research.

IUO Directorate of laboratory and Animal management Prof. Aziba harped on the need to safely maintain basic precautions for researchers and handlers of animal specimen in Laboratories, he noted the role of specialist and assigned professionals in the various stages and process in using animals for research including sometimes engaging medical doctors who could administer anti-venom or any other appropriate first aid therapy in case of attack by poisonous venomous or potentially dangerous animal bite.

Earlier in his address, the VC and Chairman of the occasion, Prof L.I Ezemonye PhD emphasized the determination of the university to build man power in research and innovation with appropriate skill – set that would result in the university becoming a research hub and one that produces research savvy students and scholars imbued with standard rules and best practices. The VC assured the university community of management determination to encourage and promote in house training such as the ongoing workshop to improve the quality of research in the university and he also announced the recent acquisition of power lab to the university for the purpose of research in the physiological laboratory.


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