The Vice Chancellor of Nigeria’s Premier Private University- Igbinedion University Okada, Professor Lawrence Ikechukwu Ezemonye, has declared the 2019 Pharmacy Student Week open, with a promise to set up a drug production unit in the college.
According to him, Management has approved the construction of a methylated spirit factory within the college premises.
The Vice Chancellor informed the elated students that the proposal for the approval of Pharm-D was before him, assuring them that the programme would soon get the needed approval.
He said Management would continue to provide and improve other teaching facilities to promote learning on campus, charging the students to continue to be on top as a way of encouraging the University to make the large investment.
In her contribution, the keynote speaker, Dr. (Mrs.) S.F. Usifoh, said that Nigerian Pharmacists have care professionals that encourage them to serve their community better every day.
Dr. Usifoh stated that Nigeria graduates a total of 2000 pharmacists annually, surpassing other countries in number. This, she attributed to the quality of pharmacists produced in Nigeria.
She lamented that despite the positive numbers, there were still a myriad of problems with medication use that and many other developing countries were ill equipped to address the challenges with regards to opportunities, manpower shortage and enabling empowerment.
The keynote speaker said that in many advanced countries, pharmacists now participate more directly in health care decisions and assume responsibilities for patient outcomes, adding that the concept of patient care includes emotional commitment to the welfare of patients as individuals who require pharmacists’ compassion, concern and trust.
In patient care, she said the pharmacist focuses his attitude, behavior, commitment, concern, ethics, knowledge, responsibility and skill on the provision of drug therapy with the goal of achieving specific (positive) outcomes and stressed the need to develop a system of monitoring and follow-up of patients to ensure that the medication produces the desired result.

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