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The Vice Chancellor of Igbinedion University, Prof. Lawrence Ikechukwu Ezemonye, Ph.D, has called on all research students, supervisors and scholars in the school of Post-Graduate Studies of the University to embrace collaborative research as catalyst for innovative and productive research works.
Prof. Ezemonye was speaking at the Maiden edition of the University’s Post-Graduate Summit held in the Conference hall of the Main Library of the University.
Prof. Ezemonye enjoined the Post-Graduate students in particular to pursue interdisciplinary research works. He described research as a network which cannot succeed without collaboration. He insisted that collaboration must occur among students, colleagues, staffs and institutions if there would be meaningful researches noting that the world no longer operates in cylos.
The Vice Chancellor further tasked the scholars to target research works that result in products and those products should be patented. He said that is why the university established the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer office (IPTTO) in collaboration with NOTAP in 2019 to bring closer to the university community, opportunity to register their intellectual property and innovative research works.
The event also featured two keynote speakers including Prof. John Aroye Okhuoya, former Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Benin and Prof. Charity Emaviwe, former Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Igbinedion University Okada.
Prof. Okhuoya in his presentation lamented the dearth of productive research works in Nigeria. He regretfully announced that Nigeria has more Ph.D holders than Egypt but that every Ph.D that is produced in Egypt has a significant bearing on the GDP of Egypt as a rule. He said the case is not so in Nigeria as there are too many Ph.D’s in Nigeria with little or no patents.
Prof. Okhuoya who spoke from his depth of experience in teaching, research, supervision of research works and research publications lamented that fabrication, falsification and plagiarism remain a dominant challenge in the field of research in Nigeria. He therefore admonished the Post-Graduate students to shun those vices and pursue original research to contribute to knowledge development and genuinely improve themselves.
He further challenged research supervisors to continue to learn and improve their knowledge base noting that those who must groom the next generation must be current. He said teachers must have what it takes to challenge the students; they must be well better informed than the students and above all, they must be student friendly.
Prof. Okhuoya observed that some supervisors are tyrants; they scare students and as such many students run away from some universities simply because of the unfriendly nature of research supervisors. He concluded that supervisors must see themselves as academic parents to their students.
In her own presentation, Prof. Charity Emaviwe encouraged the post-graduate students and scholars present to pursue registration of their research works and technological innovation and patents under the provision of the intellectual property and technology transfer office of the university. She informed that the Director General of NOTAP recently announced that registration of patents is now free in Nigeria.
She therefore enjoined all research minded fellows and those with substantial research products to visit the IPTTO office in Igbinedion University Okada for the registration of their intellectual property.

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