IUO Covid 19 Innovations



Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the Management of Igbinedion University has kept faith with its statutory and moral obligations towards ensuring safety and wellbeing of all staff and students on campus.

The University at the inception of the pandemic outbreak in Nigeria circulated information materials among its staff and students on the WHO preventive guidelines concerning the virus to sensitize the community on the danger ahead and how to prevent outbreak of the pandemic in the community. The University promptly produced hand washing soaps and sanitizers for use at strategic locations on campus.

As the trend of infection increased nationally, the University as a matter of emergency produced thousands of additional hand sanitizers which were freely shared to all students and staff for their personal use.


In compliance with the directives of the Federal Government, the University Management engaged in a systematic shutdown of activities on campus and subsequently closed the school indefinitely. International conferences, workshops and seminars earlier scheduled were cancelled and staffs that were scheduled to travel for local and international engagements were barred.


THE University Management has since the lockdown been busy putting in place stringent measures to enforce lockdown rules and prevent possible community spread of the virus among residents living on campus. The management during this period has also been engaging themselves in innovative counter measures to combat the scourge and to prepare the campus ready for resumption at the appropriate time.

Part of the measures taken by the University recently is as follows;


  1. Establishment of Covid-19 Marshalls on IUO campus
  2. Design and Construction of mechanical foot-operated sanitizer dispenser by the College of Engineering, Igbinedion University Okada.
  3. Completed Design and ongoing production of Walk-Through Disinfectant Booth with automatic temperature check and sanitizer unit by the College of Engineering, IUO.
  4. Production of barrels of Bleach (Chlorine solutions) for cleaning of surfaces by the Department of Chemistry, College of Natural & Applied Sciences, IUO.
  5. Production of hand washing liquid soap by the Department of Chemistry, College of Natural & Applied Sciences, IUO.
  6. Production of Hand-Sanitizers by the College of Pharmacy, IUO for free distribution to members of the University community as palliative and an incentive to maintaining the act of hand sanitizing and personal hygiene.
  7. Production of over 2000 face-masks (first batch) by the Dr. David Osunde Centre for Entrepreneurship IUO for distribution to residents on campus and environs.


  1. Equipping of the PCF students’ health center with first-line treatment drugs for emergencies
  2. Setting aside dedicated ward in the Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital (IUTH) for any suspected case.
  3. Planned decontamination and fumigation of hostels and classrooms
  4. Production of Covid-19 guideline/protocol manual for distribution to all staff and students
  5. Setting up of committees to design blueprints of to-do list in all aspects of campus life for the prevention of community spread of Covid-19 on campus and for the enforcement of compliance upon resumption.
  6. Mandatory use of face masks on campus by residents and visitors failure which the Campus security personnel would prevent such persons from gaining access to any part of the Campus.
  7. Procurement and branding of over 100 hand washing buckets and bowls and placement at strategic locations around the campus.
  8. Continued advocacy on the realities and safety guidelines of COVID-19 to host community           
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