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Professor Osayande Osaghae, a Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health in the College of Health Sciences at Igbinedion University,Okada, recently delivered the 15th Inaugural Lecture titled: The Roadblocks on the Highway to the Survival of Children: The Interventions of a Paediatrician at the Institution.
A one-time private medical community doctor and paediatrician, Professor Osgahae says he has identified the key obstacles in the safe passage of the child from birth to adolescence. Using the aforementioned analogy of a highway and roadblocks in his address, he identified the core factors that lead to high infant mortality in Nigeria and the tropics
Drawing from his general child health medical practice over the years, and from his work at his private Modic Medical Centre in Benin, he asserted that there was not an exhaustive list of roadblocks or health challenges encountered by children during their growing years. The learned professor averred that while there are many, most of these ailments or “roadblocks” are preventable, despite their prevalence in Nigeria, and that they constitute a burden on the health facilities in the country as well as contribute to the workload of paediatricians.
These roadblocks point to much larger societal issues such as pervasive poverty, socio-economic deprivation, widespread malnutrition, lack of clean portable water, refuse and problematic waste disposal, lack of general education as well as lack of good governance, and access to health care services. To address these challenges, in his expert opinion, there should be universal provision of clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene, the implementation of universal health coverage, activation of Nigeria’s National Health Act, the political will to implement the universally acknowledged Sustainable Development Goals, improved funding, and most importantly the establishment of a National Sickle Cell Program, as Nigeria currently has the highest number of sickle cell anaemia sufferers globally.
In his preamble, he acknowledge the initiative of Sir Chief Dr Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion in establishing Igbinedion University, an act that created a paradigm shift in the delivery of tertiary education in Nigeria as it was this establishment and the appointment as a Senior Lecturer in the University that transformed his own journey from being a private medical practitioner to an Academic in Medicine.
The 15th inaugural lecture, Professor Dominic Osaghae said, was the outcome of his years of practice and research and a summary of his own personal contribution to Scientific Research.

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