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Igbinedion University Okada is offering admission for students who are thinking about a career in aviation, who want to learn more about the field, or who just want a rigorous STEM education in a private school environment. We offer a strong foundation for almost any upcoming academic or professional endeavor. Everyone will receive a customized educational "flight" plan from an affordable private school, geared for their success in aviation and in life, whether they prefer a faster study schedule, assistance with credit rehabilitation, or simply desire an intensive learning experience.

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Popular Courses

Private Pilot

The private pilot training is targeted at student with the neccessary knowlege, skills and attitude to become pilot with EASA certified PPL

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Popular Courses

Commercial Pilot

This provide student with the requisite knowlege to become commercial pilots with EASA certified CPL and skills and attitude to handle workspace communication effectively

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Popular Courses

Air Traffic Controller

Students will learn how to seperate and guild aircraft overflying territory and entering airspaces

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Popular Courses

Cabin Crew Member

This course enables students to enhance their personality and communication skills

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Popular Courses

Air Traffic Management (ATM)

This course gives students a foundation level knowledge of Air traffic control Job and the complete ATM system

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Frequently Questions & Answers (FAQs)

What is the age limit?

17-18 years (once you are 17 going 18 years of age). However, if we do have a younger students we will have to assign them to a gradient

What is the minimum qualification requirement?

Secondary school graduate with a good understanding and speaking of English

Is Jamb UTME part of the requirement for admission?


How much is the Application fee?

€2000 (₦922,880)

What is the full fee for each of the programmes

For just PPL it is €19,500 (₦8,998,080) and for both PPL and CPL it is €79,500 (₦36,684,480)

Can I pay by instalment?


Can I pay in naira for the programme


What is the naira equivalent of the fees

It will depend on the exchange rate at the time of payment

What is the duration for each of the programs?

Pilot training is 93 weeks for both PPL and CPL. However, we are currently taking on students for 120 days of Privet pilot training (PPL) at a discounted price of €18,500 (₦8,536,640)

What is the study location(s) for the program

Ireland and Nigeria or their local country if there are not based in Nigeria

What is the semester breakdown for the program?

The full program is 6 semesters and for just PPL its 2 semesters

How many semesters are students spending in Nigeria for the program

One Semester for PPL and 2 Semesters for CPL


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