Instructions on how to check Financial Status

The University has provided a personalized Online Portal for parents and guardians. From this portal, you can check details
about your ward, including academic and financial details.

Please find below instructions on how to check your ward's financial status from our online portal for parents:

  1. From our website's main menu at the top area, click on 'Parent Portal' under the 'Portal' item.
  2. The login page for the portal will thereafter be displayed. Kindly login using your ward's Admission Number (as it appears on the Admission Letter) OR Matriculation Number as the Login ID. The password is '2016' (without the quotes)
  3. Upon successful login, the portal's Dashboard will be displayed. Click on 'Financial Profile' from the left navigation menu to display your ward's financial details

For instruction on how to check your ward's results, please click here

The University has been working in collaboration with

East Carolina University, U.S.A.           Otto-VON-Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany           Ryokuku University, Japan           University of North Carolina            Accelerated Learning Systems