In Nigeria, over 29 million businesses are micro businesses, as against a developed economy like America that has over 30 million small and medium. The difference is that, small and medium businesses can employ 10 – 50 employees earning above minimum wage, while a micro business which is predominant in Nigeria is seen as a one man business with between 1-5 employees earning almost below if not below minimum wage.


To create 200, 000 verifiable opportunities yearly from this platform.
Connect business ideas from entrepreneurs with investors and fundings.
Train on real time niche marketable soft skill needed to grow existing businesses and connect trainees to corporate firms in need of the tailor made designed solutions.


All participants are required to become registered members of the project with a one time membership fees of just n1, 000 project brochure can be downloaded and read, upon which short courses topic(s) are picked depending on goal of participant for joining the project
NOTE – Although membership is mandatory, participating in the short course trainings is not.

We are of the opinion that if we focus on growing existing businesses, we can cost efficiently expedite solving the unemployment challenge in Nigeria. Assuming 10% of the existing businesses are grown, it will create 3 million direct opportunities and jobs. If we multiply that figure by minimum 10 new employees what will be employed by reason of the business growth and expansion, this will create 30 million direct opportunities and jobs. It is also important to note that according to Western Union report, Nigerians in diaspora who are about 5 million send in over $40 billion yearly into the country, which is close to 90% of our national budget when oil price was $120 P/B. Yet no significant impact is seen by this volume of money into the economy. The reason for this is the fact that, many of the projects these monies were invested in went into failed businesses, because there is no platform that is a receptacle of ideas and business models that can be accessed to invest in.

The ICT department of Igbinedion University is creating such platform.