The Fourth White Coat Ceremony of IUO held

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The Ceremony which symbolizes the transition of students from 300L Pre-Clinical Class to 400L Clinical Class was held at the Conference Hall of the Main Library of the University of the Main Campus, Okada on the 15th January, 2020.

The Event featured the transition to the clinical class of 73 students of the Oba Sijuwade College of Health Science. The event was graced by the Registrar MDCN Dr. T.A.B Sanusi ably represented by Dr. Enejoh Abdul (Director Professional Discipline (MDCN), Abuja, who in his address admonished the students to prepare for hard work and rigorous clinical training that would produce in them a qualify medical doctor and Life Savers. The Registrar expressed displeasure at the rate in which trained Medical Doctors even younger ones particularly fresh graduate are leaving the Country for greener pasture overseas.

He lamented that the continued migration of Med. Doctors is widening the Doctor Patient Ratio which already stood at 1:6000. The Registrar however assured the students that MDCN will not relent in it task in monitoring the certification of Medical Doctors in Nigeria.

Earlier in his address the Vice-Chancellor, Igbinedion University, Okada Professor Ikechukwu Ezemonye urged the Federal Government and all appropriate government agencies to increase admission quota of Medical Schools across the country and encourage more Medical Schools to reduce the dearth of training in the country. Prof. Ezemonye commended the erroneous task of the MDCN in regulating the training of Medical Doctors in the Country and acknowledged its support to Igbinedion University over the years. He further thanked the parents and Family of the students for their commitment and partnership.

Prof. Dominic Osaghae the Dean of Clinical Medicine of the University also towed the line of thought of the Registrar. MDCN and lamented the rate of Migration of trained Medical Doctors in the country. As a former president, NMA, Prof. Osaghae observed that of the over 72, 000 trained Medical Doctor in the country only about 30, 000 of them are available in the country the rest have gone in search of greener pasture. He attributed, the brain draine syndrome to poor remuneration and unfavourable working conditions of Medical Doctors.

He lamented a condition where medical Doctors are been owed salaries for months and without Medical insurance is totally unelectable, he further decried the poor state of Medical Facilities, lack of Medical Diagnostic, Lack of adequate and required modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment of patients. He also lamented on naira flight which is attributed to mass movement of patient to medical Facilities abroad, thereby also causing high rate of foreign Exchange and promoting medical tourism in countries abroad.

The High point of the Ceremony was the Symbolic gowning of the students with their stethoscope and white coat by the representative of the Registrar, MDCN, Provost Oba Sijuwade College of Health Sciences Professor Jacob Unuigbe, Dean of the School of Clinical Medicine Prof Dominic Osaghae.

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