18th Oath-Taking/Induction Ceremony of Newly Qualified Medical Doctors of 2022/2023 Session

In a compelling address delivered at the 18th oath-taking and induction ceremony of newly qualified medical doctors at Igbinedion University Okada (IUO), the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Lawrence Ezemonye, shed light on the far-reaching effects of Nigeria’s economic downturn and substandard remuneration on the country’s healthcare system, particularly within the health sector. Consequently, a concerning phenomenon known as the ‘japa syndrome’ has emerged, with medical professionals seeking better opportunities abroad. 

Prof. Ezemonye stressed the urgent need for an empowered healthcare system that not only values doctors but also prioritizes their well-being. He emphasized that working conditions profoundly influence doctors’ dedication to patient care, making it crucial to address the prevailing challenges head-on.

Delivering the Vice Chancellor’s speech, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Raphael Adeghe, further underscored the detrimental impact of the economic downturn on the morale of medical professionals and its subsequent effect on the quality of healthcare provided. He highlighted issues such as frequent strikes in the health sector, limitations on student numbers imposed by the National Universities Commission (NUC), and the emigration of doctors as significant challenges faced by the medical profession in recent years. In addition, the prevalence of adulterated drugs compounds the predicament, posing a grave risk to the well-being of Nigerian citizens.

During the ceremony, the Provost of the College of Health Sciences, Prof. Dominic Osaghae, urged the newly inducted doctors to demonstrate unwavering dedication and discipline in their duties. He identified poor work environments and inadequate remuneration as contributing factors to the brain drain in the health sector. Prof. Osaghae encouraged the graduating medical students to remain in the country and work towards improving the healthcare needs of Nigerian citizens, urging them to resist the allure of the ‘japa syndrome.’

In his lecture titled “Now that You’re a Doctor,” the keynote speaker, Professor Francis A. Faduyile OON, a Special Adviser on Health to the Ondo State Governor, emphasized the importance of compassionate care while upholding the ethics of the medical profession. He urged the newly inducted doctors to fulfill their obligations to care for the sick, exhibit empathy, and maintain professionalism. Professor Faduyile advised them to continuously enhance their skills and knowledge through further studies and active political engagement, highlighting the potential dangers of remaining detached or neutral. He also encouraged them to seek divine guidance in their endeavors.

Dr. Samuel Alli, the honorable Commissioner of Health, Edo State, reiterated the state government’s unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare and implementing policies aimed at positively transforming healthcare practices in the state.

Given the prevailing challenges within Nigeria’s healthcare system, it is evident that a comprehensive approach is needed to address the ‘japa syndrome’ and ensure the provision of high-quality healthcare. The call to empower doctors, improve working conditions, and enhance remuneration stands as a crucial step toward achieving these goals.

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