Department of English


The Department of English and Literary Studies is one of the first to have been established in 1999, at the inception of Igbinedion University, Okada. The curriculum of the Department, which was developed at inception, formed the basis for limited instruction in English Language and Literature which it carried out as the Unit servicing various programmes in the University. This service covered the General Studies programme in English; Language electives for students in the Social Sciences; and Literature electives in the College of Law. With the admission of the Department’s first set of B.A. (Honours)degree students in the 2004/2005 academic session, the Department’s service to the University aggregate was supplemented with the exciting and challenging task of training its own graduates. The objectives were clear-cut – to instil in learners the knowledge of the forms, features, and versatility of English Language and Literature, and produce graduates who were professional in their exercise of communicative and creative skills. The objectives have remained constant, and the Department progressively adjusts and upgrades its curriculum to ensure that its graduates remain knowledgeable,analytical, creative, and competitive in the 21st century. Some of the adjustments to curriculum are on a national level. For instance,in line with other Universities, the B.A. English programme now provides for specialization in Language or Literature, depending on the learner’s preference. Language courses include Syntax, Semantics, Varieties of English, Discourse Analysis, Multilingualism, Psycholinguistics, and Entrepreneurial English, among other traditional and developing subjects. Literature offers Modern Comedy, Popular Culture and the Mass Media, Contemporary African Drama/Prose/Poetry, Literary Theory and Criticism, Creative Writing, and more.In addition,we offer innovative courses which are uniqueto Igbinedion University Okada, examples being Editing, Copywriting, and Online Content Management. The presence of a Language lab in the College, and the University’s digital hub behind the College, guarantees that tutorials are backed up with quality practical sessions. Students, on completion of the 4-year B.A. programme, will have acquired skills-sets which will distinguish them whether they opt for postgraduate studies or enter the labour market. The job opportunities open to English graduates are many: creative writing, journalism, editing, lexicography, web content management, media research, advertising, public relations, copywriting, marketing, teaching, administration,librarianship …the list is extensive. Finally, students coming into the Department need not be intimidated by admission requirements or school fees. Our pre-degree programmes have comfortable entry requirements, and – exclusive to the Department of English and Literary Studies – we give part-scholarship to our 100 level learners.