Department of Theatre Arts

    Introductory Preface of the Department of Theatre Arts

The Department of Theatre Arts, Igbinedion University, Okada began in the year 2005 in line with the University’s mission to develop the human mind to be creative, innovative, research oriented, competent in areas of specialisation, knowledgeable in entrepreneurship and dedicated to service.  The Department of Theatre Arts offers courses leading to the award of B.A, M.A, M.Phil & PhD in Theatre Arts. Our training exposes students to the various areas of specialisation in the theatre such as Theatre History, Media Arts/Film Studies, Directing (for stage and the electronic media), Acting, Dramatic Theory and Criticism, Theatre Design and Administration, Costume and Make-Up, Music, Dance and Choreography, etc.  As our programs are tailored towards the immediate needs of the labour market, we seek to produce graduates that can function effectively as personnel for theatre and media agencies, cultural establishments, creative institutions, fashion design outfits, schools, colleges and other relevant agencies.  With premium human management skills as a focal aspect of our training, our mission is not only to produce employees, but also employers of labour, by training our products to be self-reliant entrepreneurs of theatre and related businesses.