24th Inaugural Lecture

24th Inaugural Lecture

Professor Godwin Luke Umoru, a renowned expert in corporate governance law, delivered his inaugural lecture titled “Anthropomorphism of Corporate Entities in Nigeria Towards National Development.” The lecture emphasised the need to recognise and promote anthropomorphism, also known as non-human things, of legal entities as corporate citizenship to advance national development goals, drive economic growth, and promote social progress in Nigeria.


In his address at the institution’s main auditorium, Professor Umoru highlighted the importance of according to corporate entities the status of citizens, as they possess all the characteristics of natural persons and can contribute meaningfully to the country’s development.


The Vice Chancellor, Igbinedion University Okada, Professor Lawerence Ezemonye, Ph.D., FAS, commended Professor Umoru for his well-researched and thought-provoking lecture. He praised the professor for his academic achievements and noted the university’s commitment to excellence since its establishment in 1999.


Dignitaries from various sectors and students of the university graced the occasion, making it a memorable event. The high point of the ceremony was the decoration of Professor Godwin Luke Umoru as a professor of corporate governance law, acknowledging his expertise and contributions to the field.


Professor Umoru’s emphasis on the importance of the anthropomorphism of legal entities underscores the potential for corporate citizenship to drive national development and shape the future of Nigeria.