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Huawei, CISCO and Microsoft Academy established at Igbinedion University, Okada.





Igbinedion University has established Microsoft, CISCO, Mikrotik and Huawei training on its main campus. Huwaei in April 2018, trained two members of the ICT staff. The Huawei academy on campus trains on the following:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Certified Network Associate
  • Network Professional
  • Network Expert

In the light of the foregoing, 154 students accounts have been created, for Igbinedion University students for Huawei professional training programs.

Apart from the Huawei academy, there is also CISCO Academy in Igbinedion University. In our CISCO Academy, we offer certification course in the following areas:

  • Network Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Information Technology (IT) essentials
  • Programmable network

Igbinedion University has also established a Microsoft Academy in collaboration with Microsoft. It is set to establish a twenty-first century Microsoft Skill Center at Igbinedion University.

Our students have the opportunity to train for MikroTik certification courses. MikroTik is a Router software and hardware manufacturer, that offers the most user friendly, up to carrier grade routing and network management solutions.

MikroTik Academy at Igbinedion University offers certification courses on the following:

  • MTCNA – MikroTik Certified Network Associate (view outline)
  • MTCRE – MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer (view outline)
  • MTCWE – MikroTik Certified Wireless Engineer (view outline)
  • MTCTCE – MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer (view outline)
  • MTCUME – MikroTik Certified User Management Engineer (view outline)
  • MTCIPv6E – MikroTik Certified IPv6 Engineer (view outline)
  • MTCINE – MikroTik Certified Inter-networking Engineer (view outline)
  • MTCSE – MikroTik Certified Security Engineer (view outline)
  • MTCASE – MikroTik Certified Advanced Security Engineer (view outline)

The essence of the Academy is to shape the future of our students and produce future-ready students who are fully furnished with every essential skills to successfully engage in global enterprise and entrepreneurship.