IUO presents Moot Court competition ahead 25th Anniversary celebration

In an absolute display of practical efficiency, competence, and credibility, as well as creating a platform for final year law students to learn recent jurisdictions in Nigerian Law, the Igbinedion University Okada, as part of its 25th Anniversary celebration on Tuesday organised a Moot Court Competition in the courtroom of the Oba Erediauwa College of Law of the University in Okada, Edo State.

The Moot Court Competition of Igbinedion University Okada (IUO) is a stimulation of trial proceedings that occur in a courtroom, to get the final year law students of the University acquainted with the process of presenting evidence, examining witnesses, and making arguments.

A legal practitioner with Olayiwola Afolabi (SAN) & Co., Barr. Carrington Osarodion Omokaro, was the presiding judge in an imaginary case, Mr. Nwosu Chukwuemeka vs Cosmopolitan Global Limited during the Moot Court Trial.

Following the hearing of arguments from the lead counsels to both the defendant and the claimant, and submissions made by them, the presiding judge of the Moot Court, Carrington Osarodion Omokaro Esq. struck out the case based on submissions made by the lead counsel to the defendant, Happiness Modestus.

While commending the Oba Erediauwa College of Law Moot and Mock Trial presiding judge, Carrington Osarodion Omokaro Esq., the Vice Chancellor, Igbinedion University Okada (IUO), Prof. Lawrence Ikechukwu Ezemonye said, “We are fascinated with the level of your eligibility. It is a plain testimony of the fact that you are not just only correct, but you are also a contemporary lawyer.

“From the information that I have, you have just come from the Supreme Court where you won most of your cases.”

Prof Ezemonye added that it is a thing of joy, more of a real satisfaction to hear that Carrington Osarodion Omokaro Esq. graduated from Igbinedion University Okada in 2017.

“It is not surprising that the College of Law is one of the forces of the University, and we are very proud of this College because this College of Law has projected the University into the public realm and made a first class in law,” he added.

Prof. Ezemonye applauded the male and female IUO law final-year students who were counsels during the Moot and Mock competition for their display of tact and knowledge for the legal profession stating, “What we have seen is the fact that gender has no role in knowledgeability.”

“From what we have seen today, by the time you are going to the Law School, you would have been fully prepared with all the principles and practices of Law,” Prof. Ezemonye remarked.

In his show of gratitude to the management of IUO, and especially the College Board of Oba Erediauwa College of Law for the opportunity to preside over the Moot and Mock trial as part of the University’s celebration of its 25th Anniversary, Omokaro Esq. said, “I am privileged to be given this opportunity because there have been several persons who graduated from IUO, but for me to be singled out for this event, I think it’s an honour, and I am grateful to my Dean, Prof. Osaretine George Izevbuwa, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Lawrence Ezemonye and to all my lecturers who taught me.

“There have been several achievements of mine but the landmark so far was when I argued an appeal successfully at the Supreme Court of Nigeria last year, 3rd July 2023. I was responding to an appeal and I raised an objection which the Supreme Court agreed with me and in fact, N300,000 was awarded in our favour.”

Omokaro Esq. urged the final year law students to be passionate about what they do, noting that way, they won’t see their studies as burdensome.

“Most of the cases I cited took a lot of hard work. I try to recite cases because I am passionate about it. I cite Law reports off hand, that’s because it is something I intend to do.

“Some people, when asked to read Law reports, see it as punishment. I never saw it as such. I can read Law reports for 12 hours straight and never get tired.

“When you are passionate, no matter how brilliant the others may be, you see yourself excelling in their midst,” Omokaro Esq. maintained.

The Dean, College of Law, Igbinedion University Okada, Prof. O. G. Izevbuwa said the Moot Court competition is part of efforts to prepare the final year law students for The Nigerian Law School.

“It is part of the preparation of our law students for The Law School Programme, and as we do it, our students are more equipped,” Prof. Izevbuwa emphasised.