IMHANOBE Habsat Joyce

IMHANOBE Habsat Joyce

Lecturer I

IMHANOBE Habsat Joyce

Lecturer I

Department/College:  Department of Mass Communication, Goodluck Ebelle                                                        Jonathan College of Arts and Social Sciences

Institutional Email:    [email protected]

Area of specialisation:   Film, Broadcasting and Public Relations

Phone No (Optional):    08038593020

Area of Interest: Film, Broadcasting and Public Relations

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Brief resume: Ph.D (in View) 2019, M.A, Mass Communications 2012, Bachelor of Arts 2003, Diploma. Attended over ten conferences and training programmes both local and international. Written more than seven publications. She teaches Educational Broadcasting, Public Affairs Broadcasting, Foundation of Broadcasting, Advance Broadcast News and Programme Production, Broadcast Commentary and Announcing, Broadcast Stations and Management, Introduction to Film and Cinema, Documentary Film Production: An Introduction, Drama and Documentary Film, Principles of Public Relations, African Communication Systems, Data Analysis, Editing and Graphics of Communication, Word Processing and Information Technology.


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