Visit by Aphrikulture

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The Vice-Chancellor has received a team of Agriculture experts from Isreal.

The team representing APHRIKULTURE comprised of Guy Gishri, Chief Business Development officer, Rami Alon Agro Culture Expert, Jonathan Spenser, Agronomist & Agro economies expert, accompanying the team were Mr. Joe Osagbebareh and Mr. Igbinosa Igbinedion.

The team lead by Mr. Guy Gishri conveyed the goodwill of the Organization, Aphrikulture, to the Vice-Chancellor on his new appointment and assumption of office. He, further highlighted the purpose of their visit which according to him was to seek partnership with Igbinedion University Okada on large Scale agriculture production, training and knowledge transfer.

Mr. Gushri informed the Vice-Chancellor that Aphrikulture is an Organisation that specialized in large scale agricultural project in the wide spectrum of agriculture ranging from Poultry to fishery, Diary, maize and other crops productions. He noted that the team is a tac team of highly skilled complimentary experts with previous local experience of the Nigerian terrain.

He, introduced Rami Alon as an aqua culture expert, with wide experience in Nigeria having lied in Nigeria for over fifteen years before leaving for Israel and is now back in Nigeria, While Mr. Spenser is highly skilled in planning and execution.

Mr. Gishri expressed the Optimism that his Organization can work with Igbinedion University and achieved a great deal.

In his response, the Vice-Chancellor thanked the team for the timely visit. He noted that the mission of Aphrikulture is directly in line with the natural policy on agriculture and expressed the readiness of the University to buy into the program.

He expressed the optimism that partnership between the University and Aphrikulture will provide opportunities for training of students and extension service in agriculture.

The Vice-Chancellor therefore, called for a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that would enumerate the modalities of the program and highlight the interest, advantage and value chain of the process.

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