Renowned Alumnus Dr. Mark A.C. Ogbodo Presents Publications to Igbinedion University Okada

In a remarkable gesture of generosity and academic recognition, Dr. Mark A.C. Ogbodo, a distinguished Alumnus of Igbinedion University Okada, and the current Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Medical Association in Benue State, alongside his role as the Assistant Secretary of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Benue State Chapter, paid a courtesy visit to the esteemed Vice Chancellor, Prof. Lawrence Ikechukwu Ezemonye, PhD, FAS, on Monday, the 25th of March 2024. During this significant meeting, Dr. Ogbodo presented two copies of his published works, titled “Untold” and “Amour Maternal (Mother’s Love)”, to the University. This act not only reflects Dr. Ogbodo’s commitment to his alma mater but also underscores his dedication to promoting literary and medical excellence within the community.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Lawrence Ikechukwu Ezemonye, expressed his gratitude for Dr. Ogbodo’s thoughtful gesture and commended his contributions to both the medical and literary fields. The Vice Chancellor acknowledged the significance of fostering a strong relationship between the University and its esteemed alumni, highlighting the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Dr. Ogbodo’s publications, “Untold” and “Amour Maternal (Mother’s Love)”, are expected to enrich the University’s academic resources and inspire students and faculty members alike. This visit not only strengthens the bond between the University and its alumni but also serves as a testament to the impact of education and literature in shaping society.

The event concluded on a note of appreciation and mutual respect, with both parties looking forward to continued collaboration and academic advancement in the future.

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